Supporting Sudan’s Democratic Transition. Northern, RN, WN, KRT, BN, ND, SD, ED, CD,WD, NK, SK, WK, RS, Sennar, Gezira.

To support the Sudan’s democratic transition with three components: (1) Dialogue and Consensus Building on the Transitional Processes; (2) Electoral reform and Inclusive Electoral Processes.

Donor : International Institute for Democracy & Electoral Assistant (IDEA)

Date : 01/09/2020 to 31/12/2022

Building a New Sudan: Preparing Grassroots for the Constitutional Conference in White Nile and Blue Nile.

civil society and grassroots communities in Blue Nile and White Nile States participated effectively in the constitutional conference and having their inputs considered in the constitution, thus the wider democratic transformation in Sudan”.

Donor : Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Date : 12/01//2021 – 23/11/2024

Supporting civil society and grassroots communities in Kassala and Gadarif States in the transition for building a new Sudan.

Civil society and grassroots communities in
Kassala and Gadarif States have successfully understood the ‘transition’ and
the importance of the Constitutional Conference (CC) and are prepared to
effectively participate in and to influence its process.

Donor : EU

Date : 11/11/2020 – 101/10/2022

Vulnerable communities and groups in Kassala
and Gadarif States are fully aware of the threats of human trafficking, and
their human/citizen, political, social and economic rights in Sudan.

Improved economic resilience of the groups
and individuals at risk for human trafficking to become agents for change and
advocates for their communities against trafficking, smuggling and human
rights violations.